InConexus is always striving to create significant and measurable value alongside with the communities that converge with the business. This is what we call our Shared Value and it is the core of the company.  For us, adding value only to our products or processes doesn’t seem quite enough. Thus, we are constantly developing projects that can be valuable for all the actors involved in the chain of production.

We believe every community has the potential and the ability to continuously improve its products and processes in order to enhance not only their productivity, but also something even more important: their quality of life. InConexus is focused on helping those communities in discovering their potential and working on it through different tools, such as technical accompaniment, empowerment and sustainability projects, among others. Always with the goal in mind of creating and maintaining synergy with the communities.


The program represents the empowerment and leadership of women in agricultural activities, where they take on the leading role in the commercialization, management, and maintenance of coffee crops. It recognizes the hard work of women in this sector and provides them with training in cultivation techniques as well as on issues of women’s empowerment.

The training and recognition of the fundamental role played by women in agriculture are essential to empower them, value their contribution, and ensure their full participation on equal terms. This program lays the foundation for a more just and inclusive society where women can exercise their leadership and reach their full potential in all areas.



The Management Hubs implement the Rural Extension Strategy, which involves identifying farms with promising profiles and similar climate conditions and soil properties. Subsequently, visits are made to these farms to assess three main variables: soil, climate, coffee varieties, and labor force. Through this evaluation, the coffee growers interested in participating in coffee improvement strategies are established as group of farms.



This initiative is part of our Next Generation Program, designed to engage young people in the coffee industry. The objective is to foster a comprehensive understanding of coffee, imparting knowledge about the complexity and significance of all aspects of coffee production, as well as introducing teenagers to diverse cupping profiles. We are the only company providing this unique training opportunity for young people.

Inconexus has been present in post-conflict areas since 2015, establishing connections with all relevant programs. The organization ensures the purchase of specialty coffees, making them an economically viable alternative for communities in these conflict-affected areas, thus contributing to the transition from illicit to licit activities.


To seek consistency in cup profile by identifying fermentative strains to discover distinct and exotic profiles.



Quality assurance on the farm.



Reduction of production costs

Quality and consistency

Lasting producer-customer relationships



Certifications are carried out in Huila, Magdalena, Cesar, and Guajira. The Serranía del Perijá is the sole provider of birdfriendly organic coffee with the help of the custody program of InConexus, allowing us to guarantee its unique origin in a globally unparalleled ecosystem. A chain of custody is ensured from the farm to exportation. In Huila, there are 15 farms with 112,000 kilos certified under the Rainforest Alliance. Additionally, there is a processing and exportation farm. In Cesar, Magdalena, and Guajira, 21 farms are certified as organic, with 10 of them having Rainforest Alliance certification, and 5 of these 10 are also Birdfriendly.