InConexus is always striving to create significant and measurable value alongside with the communities that converge with the business. This is what we call our Shared Value and it is the core of the company.

For us, adding value only to our products or processes doesn’t seem quite enough. Thus, we are constantly developing projects that can be valuable for all the actors involved in the chain of production.

We believe every community has the potential and the ability to continuously improve its products and processes in order to enhance not only their productivity, but also something even more important: their quality of life. InConexus is focused on helping those communities in discovering their potential and working on it through different tools, such as technical accompaniment, empowerment and sustainability projects, among others. Always with the goal in mind of creating and maintaining synergy with the communities.


From January 10th to 14th, 2018, international coffee professionals, from Thailand to USA, travelled to the south-west Huila departament,to be part of Mejor de Huila specialty coffee contest. More than 350 micro-lots, the best offering of the region, entered the event. These coffees were presented and ready to be judged in the contest. The aromas and flavors were spectaculare and cought the hearts of all. Through this, our family of Huila coffee farmers had the opportunity to show the world all the passion behind their harvests and even more. After visits, meals, music, dance and especially cuppings, the best coffee in the region was chosen, and with an unforgettable auction the best coffees were awarded and acquired.

An example of one of these projects is Women’s Power, which seeks to benefit female coffee growers, their communities and the regions of production. This is done through workshops and activities that enhance their knowledge about coffee processes, while also improving their personal skills as part of a commitment with gender equality in Colombia.

Mejor de Nariño took place from the 24th to the 28th of August in the beautiful department of Nariño here in Colombia. The main objective of the event was to let the world know about the incredible coffees that this region produces as well as highlighting the passion and hard work of the coffee growers. We had first class international judges that evaluated the coffees, then met the masterminds of these and finally participated in the final auction by purchasing their favorites.


In May we had the school of cupping in Tolima, which is a program focused in training young generations of coffee growers in the art of cupping. The main idea is to promote a deeper and wider understanding of the coffee produced in each of the farms that are part of InConexus’ community. Like this, coffee growers are aware of the quality of the coffee produced and therefore, can be sure that the money paid to them is a fair one.

InConexus aims to give the coffee growers more and more tools to produce a best coffee while assuring fair conditions for them. Also, this is a way of encouraging the love for coffee for generations.

Peace and sustainabiliy is the name given to an event that took place last year in the department of Tolima. The main objective was to bring coffee growers from the south of Tolima, a neuralgic zone where InConexus has been supporting sustainability and fair trade, together with international clients from the most important coffee markets in the world, in order to make both parts aware of the importance of the other one.