We are thrilled to present our new format, Espress Punch: a newsletter from InConexus. This Newsletter will serve as a hub for our community, nurturing a collective pursuit of sustainable coffee cultivation. We firmly believe that by sharing knowledge and embracing open collaboration, we can elevate our practices and drive meaningful change toward a greener future.
Within these pages, you’ll uncover valuable information sourced from our team experts and coffee growers partners. Explore innovative techniques, discover inspiring success stories, and gain access to resources that can empower your journey towards more sustainable coffee production.
In this first edition, our mission is to share insights into regenerative agricultural practices and showcase how our team provides accompaniment throughout the pre- and post-harvest processing to contribute in the delivery of an exceptional final product.
Let’s forge a path to harmonizing flavor and sustainability, cultivating a community of free-flowing knowledge for a conscious coffee future. 


Do not miss out on our next edition!